Need a photographer? A spiritual mentor?  A pilates instructor? A chiropractor? Here are some of my favorite professionals in the Denver/Boulder area.  Rest assured that you are in good hands with any one of these thoughtful, customer-centered, hard-working entrepreneurs.  They did not pay me to promote them – they are on here because I care about providing high quality referrals for professionals I personally know and trust.

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Dr. Joy Gray, aka Granddaughter Crow, Medicine Woman, Healer, Empath and Medium of Native American & Dutch heritage

Dr. Joy “Granddaughter Crow” Gray


Dr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Logo - color; Crow in front of a dreamcatcherGranddaughter Crow wearing a cowboy hat with a big smile and feather earrings

Medicine Woman, Healer, Empath and Medium of Native American & Dutch heritage.

Services offered: Psychic Readings, Workshops, Mentoring, Prayer Basket

“Granddaughter Crow has changed my life.  Her readings and mentoring have helped me tap into my own inner wisdom, which in turn helps me handle the daily stress of life with grace and patience.  She is an incredibly intuitive person who has helped me to become the professional that I am today.”  -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Molly Dyer & Kristen Jorden, Tap Dance Classes, Tappy Feet

Molly Dyer and Kristen Jorden, Tappy Feet Co-Instructors and Co-owners, smelling stinky tap shoes and making horrible faces

Molly Dyer & Kristen Jorden, Tappy Feet

Services: Tap Dance Classes

“Well, I considered not writing a review for this one, since clearly I own this company.  However, HOW CAN I NOT?!  Truth be told, starting this company has shaken loose something inside me.  It has filled my life with music, laughter, creativity, play and a really amazing community of tap dancers.  It has also helped my become closer with my very amazing and inspiring friend Kristen.  Tap dance is good for physical, mental and social well-being, as described on our website.  This class is improving the quality of my life, as well as those who have joined.  As we like to say in Tappy Feet classes, ‘If you have a problem, we’re pretty sure that tap dance can solve it.’  Please come try a class with us – you won’t regret it!” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture (and Tappy Feet!)

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Erik Holladay, Photographer, Holladay Photography

Erik Holladay, Holladay Photography

Picture of Erik Holladay, a middle-age man in blue checkered shirt iwth a stripped bow tie and a big smile

Photographer, Photojournalist, Photo Storyteller

Services: Documentary-Style Wedding Photography, Business Portraits, Family Portraits, Brand-Builder

“Because of his history with photojournalism, Erik Holladay can tell the story behind your business’ brand, behind your quirky family or behind your most memorable evening.  If you want a photographer who is a blast to work with, who dominates the world in unique visual artwork by using action shots and fun angles, whose professionalism is perfected and whose creativity is off the hook, you want Erik Holladay-McCann with Holladay Photography.” – Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Dr. William Haas, aka 'Dr. Bill', Chiropractor, Caring Hands Chiropractic

Dr. William Haas, aka “Dr. Bill,” Caring Hands Chiropractic

Black & White headshot Dr. Bill Haas with his arms crosed in front of his chest, he is smiling and appears laid-back and approachable.


Services: Wellness Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Rehabilitation Care, Maternity Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Care for Teenagers & Students

“Dr. Bill is the type of chiropractor who uses a gentle but therapeutic method to repair your spine, joints, muscles, tendons and bones and to build great physical alignment.  He is a great listener who provides supportive and effective care.  Dr. Bill enjoys making people smile and laugh, which is easy to do with his laid-back personality and his side-kick, Bones, the most lovable old boxer, who greets the guests.” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Dr. Courtney Carag, Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Healing Village Collective

Dr. Courtney Carag, Healing Village Collective

Dr. Courtney "Crow" Carag, a young woman with short, stylish hair and a genuine smile

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Services: Acupuncture, Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Courtney “Crow” Carag provides attentive, individualized care to her patients.  She is one of my many trusted teachers and mentors.  Her vast knowledge of herbs and supplements and her approachable demeanor make her among my most common referrals.  I have sent both my mother-in-law and my father-in-law to her because I trust her with both myself and my family.  Her generous nature and loving acceptance of all individuals makes her the go-to practitioner for under-represented communities in healthcare.” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Jeffrey Gray, Bass Guitarist, Alchemical Base

Jeffrey Gray, Alchemical Base

Alchemical Base Logo made from 3 RunesJeff Gray, Alchemical Base, base guitarist, with his guitar

“I was introduced to Alchemical Base through Granddaughter Crow.  I fell instantly in love with the meditative cadence of his bass guitar and the addition of sounds from nature.  I use his music during sessions with patients who need grounding.  Having always loved bass guitar, his hushed, trans-like tones help me relax me.  After listening to his music for a few minutes, I can shake off everything taking place ‘out there’ so that I can be entirely present with my next patient.  This music has become a cleansing and rejuvenating ritual for me.”

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Jessica Taylor, Pilates Instructor, DAMAGEDANCE Founder & Artistic Director, Taylor Made Pilates & DAMAGEDANCE

Jessica Taylor, Taylor Made Pilates & DAMAGEDANCE

Jessica Taylor, pilates instructor and DAMAGE DANCE founder and artistic director

Pilates Instructor, DAMAGEDANCE Founder & Artistic Director

Services: Private Pilates Sessions, Semi-Private Pilates Sessions, Make-Your-Own-Pilates Bootcamp, Ongoing Group Classes

“Jessica Taylor is as loving and goofy as this picture portrays.  With a background in massage therapy and dance, her deep understanding of human antomy and physiological function make her a form-driven, knowledgeable pilates instructor.  She is also one of the most driven individuals I know.  She is in the process of transitioning her New York born dance company, DAMAGEDANCE, to Colorado.  This project requires resources, sound finances, and patience – Jessica perseveres at them all.  I highly recommend that you check out Jessica’s work with DAMAGEDANCE, and if you need a pilates instructor, she’s your gal.” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Silas Pettus, Massage Therapist, Esthetician

Silas Pettus, Massage Therapist, Esthetician

Picture of Silas Pettus, Massage Therapist and Esthetician

Services: Ashiatsu Massage, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

“Silas’s massages take the edge off in a heartbeat.  This sweet, people-loving individual has a calming energy and makes you feel instantly comfortable.  He is committed to making his clients feel refreshed and renewed.  He studied Thai Massage in Thailand and worked in several spa locations before branching out on his own.  I highly recommend him for massage!” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Alexandra Clark, Biomagnetic Pair Therapist, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Denver

Alexandra Clark

Professional photo of Alexandra Clark, Biomagnetic Pair Therapist and Hypnotherapist

Biomagnetic Pair Practitioner (Level 2)

Services: Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

“Alexandra Clark introduced me to biomagnetic pair therapy. This therapy was created by a medical doctor.  She learned from this very doctor and has been helpful in my own journey to decrease and discontinue my daily asthma medication.  Biomagnetic pair therapy supported and strengthened my lungs, while Alexandra’s thoughtful, research-oriented and informative approach helped me to instantly trust her.  She has filled her website with information about this mysterious therapy, so check it out if you are interested in learning more.”

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Brooke Jean Werner, Registered Psychotherapist, Coach, Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching

Brooke Jean Werner, Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching

Black and white photo of Brooke Jean Werner, registered psychotherapist and coach

Registered Psychotherapist, Coach


Counseling – transitions, grief, loss & trauma, perfectionism & people pleasing, anxiety/depression, couples

Coaching – Unlocking the Keys to Reaching Your Potential, Purpose & Passion

“Brooke Jean provides inspiring guidance that has helped me grow in business development, personal development, awareness and professionalism. She is a phenomenal counselor and coach. She provides the exact amount of validation and self-reflection that I need to bust through the shit storm of beliefs that get in my way and keep me from succeeding. She gently helps me face things that I’m not always comfortable facing – helping me look fear in the eye to shed light in its darkest corners. It is her gentle but direct style that has started me up a successful career path that I never could have reached without her. Her style is grounded and full of humor (I spend a lot of time laughing with her), while also direct and thus, effective. I am so grateful to have Brooke Jean in my life and I highly recommend her services.” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Walter Brown, Owner & WordPress Wizard, Novel Website Design

Walter Brown, Novel Website Design

Walter Brown from Novel Website Design

Owner of Novel Website Design, WordPress Sorcerer

Services: Website Design, ePublishing, Logo Design, Social Media Setup, Newsletter/Lead Capture Form

“‘WordPress Sorcerer’ is a great description for Walt.  He’s my go-to when I have questions about anything for my website.  In fact, when I hired him, I said, ‘Walt, I don’t want to lose my control over my website.  I don’t want to hand it over to someone and never be able to tweak it or add things to it again.  I just need someone to answer all my questions as I learn how to do this myself.'” I don’t suppose that I am his easiest client – but he handled that with ease.  He said, “Sure – we can set it up so you can still work in it and I’ll answer all your questions!”  And he has.  But don’t get me wrong – he does it all.  So if you need to hand over your website into trusted hands, these are the right ones!” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce 25th Anniversary Logo and Banner

Networking, Business Development

“I was not sure I was going to be able to handle the professionalism of a networking group.  I pride myself in being authentic and easily approachable.  The idea of dressing up and shaking hands and acting on my ‘best behavior’ to make a ‘good impression’ was a little overwhelming when I started Light & Dark Acupuncture.  Thank God for DGLCC.  This is the greatest group of individuals on the planet, and all of them are as authentic and easily approachable as myself.  We spend each Tuesday morning networking together, laughing, learning and growing our businesses as a community.  I have made numerous important business connections and received closed business through DGLCC, but more importantly, I have made several life-long friends in this group.” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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YY Wei, Liscensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), CAC III, Individual, Couples & Sex Therapist, Trauma & Relationship Specialist, Founder, The Relationship Center of Colorado

YY Wei, The Relationship Center of Colorado

YY Wei, LCSW, CAC III, Therapist and Founder of the Relationship Center of Colorado

Individual, Couples & Sex Therapist, Trauma & Relationship Specialist,

Founder, The Relationship Center of Colorado


  • Couples & Marriage Therapy
  • Sex Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Online Counseling & Coaching
  • Non-Traditional Relationship Counseling
  • Couples Enrichment Weekend
  • Discernment Counseling

“Listen up – YY simply knows her shit.  You see the list of services she provides and you think, ‘What is this woman all about?’  I’m pretty sure I can answer that for you.  YY is deeply passionate about helping each individual own what is theirs to own – whether it’s your feelings, your trauma, your thoughts and fantasies – her message always ends with, ‘Be authentically who you are and have no shame about it.’  Please consider her for yourself or any couples or individuals you may know who need therapy.  You will not regret it!” -Molly Dyer, Light & Dark Acupuncture

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