Shonishin is a non-invasive, non-needle, painless Japanese acupuncture system.  It is commonly used for infants and children, teenagers and adults.  This painless procedure involves tapping and brushing along meridians on the body and then lightly stimulating acupuncture points to activate them.  Shonishin is a practical, cost-effective technique that balances the body’s energy and thus, strengthens and speeds the healing response.

You would not believe that something so gentle could be so effective for kiddos suffering from significant discomforts such as chronic ear infections, teething, a cold or flu, etc.  Consider for a moment how we use a lower dose, or a “pediatric dose” when administering a medication to our kids.  Children’s bodies are more sensitive.  They get sick quickly (it goes from sniffle to fever in no time flat!) and they recover quickly (yesterday they were sick, but today they’re just fine).  Kids’ receptive immune systems respond quickly to medication, which makes a smaller dose work quickly and effectively.  In the same way, their nervous systems  and immune systems respond rapidly to gentle techniques, such as massage… and Shonishin!

Shonishin, like any Eastern medicine technique, requires consistent treatments to take effect.  It is not a pill that you can pop and feel instantly better.  However, this system is built for long-lasting results.  While addressing a child’s symptoms, Shonishin can also improve overall health, immune response and vitality.

Achieving a long-lasting effect often requires a larger time investment for treatments.  Similar to massage or chiropractic care, the more often you receive treatments, the more quickly your will see results and the longer they will last. This is why we offer package deals for Shonishin treatments for 20% off or more.  For more information on pricing, visit our Pricing page.

Shonishin is great for the following conditions and many more!

Asthma, Acute ear infections, Bed-wetting, Early stages of the Common Cold or Flu, Colic/constipation, ADHD, Eczema, Developmental Disorders, Chronic Ear Problems, Fever, Insomnia, Migraines, Chronic Sinusitis, Teething, Chronic Urinary Problems, Chronic Diarrhea.  If you are wondering if Shonishin can help your child, please give us a call at the number below.  We are happy to answer your questions.

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“I cannot begin to say enough good things about my experience with Molly. My 5-year old son has been having chronic gut troubles since he was little. We took him to a specialist who prescribed a ton of laxatives which he’s been on since he was 2, but this didn’t solve the problem. Within two months of hitting the problem holistically with “Dr. Molly”(as my son calls her)—diet, behavior, Chinese herbs, and Shonishin—we have gotten the problem under control. Molly is amazing with him and my son would do anything to make her happy (even eating more vegetables). She explains everything she does and spends time outside of the appointment doing extra research to make sure she is helping to fix the problem in the best way possible. Her response time to emails and phone calls is extremely quick. She is professional but relaxed, and is entirely confident in the benefits of her practice. I can’t imagine how we would have solved this problem without her and I feel so lucky to have her in my son’s life.” -Kristen J., Google Review