In light (and dark) of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering phone Herbal Consultations and video chat Herbal Consultations.  Herbs may be dropped off on your porch or at another specific location if you are currently isolating.  Herbs are crafted with precaution and handled with gloved-hands until they’ve been dropped off.  We offer this at this time because herbs are powerfully supportive to immune function and we want to do our part to help individuals get through this crisis.

As of February 3rd, all hospitals in Wuhan made Chinese herbs available to all patients because of the efficacy and recovery of individuals who used both Eastern and Western medical techniques to recover.  We have stocked our pharmacy with herbal formulas used successfully and supportively during the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Please consider using herbs at the first sign of fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, sinus congestion, etc. to fight off symptoms of illness before they become advanced.  Please, please, continue to wash your hands, sanitize your space, get tested and correspond with your Western medical physician, etc. as needed.

At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we offer herbal consultations and we also provide a **free** herbal consultation with every acupuncture appointment, if desired.

This is because we believe that herbs are healthy, powerful medicine. We see quicker and stronger results in patients who use both herbs and acupuncture together.

Chinese Herbal Medicine involves the ingestion of medicinal herbs – twigs, roots, branches, etc.  These herbal remedies have been used for healing purposes since pre-recorded ancient China all the way until present day.

How We Craft an Herbal Formula

Creating an herbal formula is a medicinal artistry.  We begin by forming a diagnosis and pairing it with one of many classical herbal formulas.

Once a diagnosis is formed and a formula is chosen, we add or subtract herbs that specifically address an individual’s symptoms.  For instance, we may add a calming herb for someone with high stress levels, or a stool softening herb for those experiencing uncomfortable constipation.

We customize each patient’s formula with a touch of this and a taste of that, as if painting a picture with a tad of red and a hint of orange.  This lighthearted analogy masks a deep understanding of the medicinal qualities of these healing plants and the synergy of their unique combinations. In each formula, we combine herbs for the patient’s symptoms, spirit, and underlying constitutional patterns.

The Herbs We Use – Safety, Quality & Formulation

Light & Dark Acupuncture uses traditional Chinese herbs that have passed the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.  These standards are considered “the gold standard of quality.”

According to the Chinese Medicine Division of the Department of Health in Hong Kong, “GMP ensures the production of safe and consistent quality products through establishing standards for drug manufacturing hardware and software, such as raw materials, premises, equipment, sanitation, personnel training and quality management.”

Herbs may be administered via tinctures, pills & powders that are stirred into hot water, external application or decoctions of tea.  Herbal treatment does not take the place of prescription medications.  However, they can work well with medications to enhance treatment results.  Herbs have also been used in the beginning stages of an illness to help patients gain control over their condition before pharmaceuticals are necessary.

Herbs mitigate the symptoms of common cold or flu to chronic and debilitating pain.  They enhance the therapeutic effects of an acupuncture treatment and are an inspiring way to incorporate Nature’s healing qualities into your treatment.

*If you are interested in using herbal medicine, please provide a list of your current medications to your acupuncturist, as herbal medications can and do interact with various western medications.  Please do not discontinue a medication prescribed by your Western physician without their advice.

Molly has been treating me on issues I have had for years such as digestive issues, anxiety, stress and mood regulation. Her level of care, gentle wisdom, and passion for what she does truly makes a difference and I have experienced so much relief in all areas since working with her. In her care, I feel authentically tended to, never judged, and relaxed. I have been inspired to make healthier choices in my life and highly recommend Molly.  -Thumbtack Review-