Adjunctive Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies include cupping, guasha, plumblossom and the application of heat with moxabustion.  Each of these therapies increase blood flow, decrease stagnation or pain in the body and encourage relaxation.  They can help chase away the common cold, relax tight muscles and even nourish the body’s underlying resources to increase energy and vitality. If you have questions about any of these techniques, feel free to give us a ring!

Cupping is a wonderful technique.  It relaxes and lubricates the fascia, opens the pores and feels great!  Interest in cupping has peaked since the 2016 Olympics.  Please let us know if you have any questions about cupping.

At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we use fire cupping, which involves warming the inside of a glass cup with a flame, and placing the cup on the back so that it creates a suction underneath it.  If you are having trouble picturing what this looks like, check out this great video by acupuncturist, Stephanie Duininck, L.Ac.  We also use suction cups.  These use a pump to create a suction underneath the cup.  To learn more about the popularity and effect of cupping, read my blog about it.