Acupuncture is a 3,000 – 5,000 year old medicine.  It involves inserting hair-thin needles into the skin and tissues of the body. This action stimulates the body’s ability heal itself.  Your body’s innate intelligence already knows how to heal your pain, stress, fatigue, autoimmune response or anything else.  It can be interrupted from doing this for many reasons, including an injury, daily stressors, environmental influences, an invading pathogen such as a cold or flu bug, etc.

Acupuncture needles affect the body’s fascia.  Fascia is a layer of tissue that surrounds every muscle, every tissue and even every cell in your body.  It looks like a large web that runs from head to toe.  The fascia provides global communication about your current state by sending a signal from one area of the body to another through this connected network.  By stimulating the fascia, the needles rewire your body’s communication system for healing.

This alternative medicine works well alone, or in collaboration with other alternative therapies.  It complements Western medical treatments for a wide variety of disorders, illnesses and conditions.  Both a science and an art, acupuncture’s effect reaches the intangible energetic systems in the body as well as the physical and anatomical systems.  It relaxes muscles and tissues, alleviates pain, soothes stress and anxiety and leaves the body in a healthy state of constant flow.

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I recommend Molly’s services without reservation. I have had lower back pain for quite awhile and am the kind of person to avoid things outside traditional western medicine. However, Molly was so knowledgeable that I was immediately put at ease. More than knowledgeable, Molly is effective. She will explain what is going on every step of the way and then get the job done. You will not regret the experience. -Google Review-