We work with individuals who are ready to conceive a child.  Whether you’ve been diagnosed with something like PCOS, poor egg quality or hypothyroid, or you have an unexplained case of difficulty conceiving, Light & Dark Acupuncture is here to support your fertility and reproductive system.

Each session is 50 – 60 minutes, with the exception of the initial session. Schedule an “Acupuncture – Initial Treatment” or an “Acupuncture – Return Visit” Online. Package deals may be purchased in person and session numbers will be tracked onsite.

Acupuncture has been shown to provide the following reproductive benefits:

  • Increase conception rates (naturally or with Assisted Reproduction Technologies)
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus
  • Regulate Estrogen & Progesterone production
  • Optimize endometrial lining thickness
  • Improve the quality of the antral follicles produced (takes 6+ months)
  • Optimize overall health which in turn maximizes egg health & production (takes 3 – 6 months)
  • Remove stress and unwanted burdens on the reproductive system
  • Improve sperm counts, motility and morphology

Initial Consultation (Initial Sessions are 80 – 90 Minutes): At your first session, we spend an additional 30 minutes reviewing your health history. All initial sessions include a one-time Initial Consultation charge of $45. This means:

Add $45 to the cost of your package if you purchase the package during your first session
Pay $135 ($45 +$90) for a single session at your first treatment

Return Session (50-60 Minutes): $90.

  • 6 Sessions
  • $486
    50 – 60 minutes per session
  • 10% off
  • $81 per session
  • $540 value
  • $54 Savings
  • 12 Sessions
  • $918
    50 – 60 minutes per session
  • 15% off
  • $76.50 per session
  • $1080 value
  • $162 savings
  • 24 Sessions
  • $1728
    50 – 60 minutes per session
  • 20% off
  • $72 per session
  • $2160 value
  • $432 savings

Set up an Initial Session today to start your body on the path to healing and your family on the path to growing.

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Package Deal Return Policy: Should you need to discontinue treatments for any reason after purchasing a package, the cost of all completed treatments will be added up at full cost (no discount applied). Any amount that you have paid beyond that total will be refunded.