• One-to-One One Hour Sessions, 
  • Individualized, Connective Care
  • Pre- and Post-Pharmaceutical Options

Medical doctors are facing significant challenges in the current healthcare system. Here are a few comments that I have heard from my patients about their Western medical care experience.

“How can my doctor possibly know what is best for me when they spent 10 minutes with me?”

“The doctor never listens to all of my symptoms.  They blow half of them off, claiming that they’re unrelated and they think half of them are psychological.  I feel like I’m going crazy, but I’m not crazy!  These things are really happening to me!”

“I didn’t understand what he was saying about the results of the test.  It’s something to do with my thyroid being low, but I’m not sure what he meant.  He breezed over it really quickly and then he left the room before I could ask questions.”

I have found this type of frustration to exist in patients and doctors alike.  Doctors also express frustration as they learn that they are limited in options for treatment due to time constraints, system restrictions and pharmaceutical company influence.  Light & Dark Acupuncture was created to help combat the challenges that Western medical providers face.  Here are some reasons to choose Light & Dark Acupuncture as your alternative healthcare partner.

One-To-One, One-Hour Sessions

Doctors’ schedules are influenced by insurance company policies, so they have a set number of patients they are expected to see per day.  That number has increased with technological advances in the office.  Luckily, acupuncturists and other alternative medicine health providers often spend one or more hours with each patient, so that they can gain deep insight into the patient’s condition.  At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we are most interested in how our patients experience their health conditions.  We spend one-to-one time with our patients, actively listening to each of their symptoms and health concerns.  Every symptom is taken into consideration in order to reach the root cause of their conditions through careful diagnosis.

Individualized, Connective Care

Doctors must operate under a very systematized approach to treatment.  Each person gets asked the same questions, and depending upon their answer, they receive the same type of treatment.  This system limits the amount of individualization that a doctor can add to a treatment based on their assessment and intuition around what the patient needs.  The human-to-human connection that involves moral judgement has been removed from Western healthcare.

When we systematize our response so that every person is treated the same way, we lose the most important aspects of medicine – human compassion and intuition.  These traits, once seen as weaknesses in healthcare, are actually what makes healthcare a trusted interaction which can improve clinical results.

Intuition and human compassion allow average practitioners to become great.

At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we use a symbiotic balance of evidence-based techniques, education, intelligence, creativity and intuition for carefully-crafted, individualized care.  Acupuncture, Chinese herbology and other eastern medicine techniques are specifically designed to take the constitiution of each individual into account during treatment.  The combination of art and science in a Light & Dark Acupuncture treatment sets the stage for an effective healing environment.

Pre- and Post-Pharmaceutical Options

Medical doctors are finding it more and more challenging to get to the bottom of information regarding the pharmaceutical medications they prescribe.  The pharmaceutical industry exerts significant influence over studies conducted at prestigious colleges, over treatment options for patients, and even over the Standard of Care, a set of guidelines that doctors must follow in order to avoid being considered negligent by their patients and lawyers in malpractice lawsuits.

At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we believe that pharmaceutical medications are life-saving technology, but we believe that they are not the only answer to health concerns.

We work with patients who would like to try alternative options to pharmaceutical medications before they have been prescribed a medication for their condition, as well as those looking to lower their dosages of pharmaceutical medication prescriptions through the use of medicinal herbs.

It is very important to us that all patients understand that there are significant and sometimes life-threatening side-effects to going off medications in a way that is not recommended by your doctor.  At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we do not take patients off of their medications – that is the job of your medical practitioner or specialist.  However, we do provide herbal supplementation for patients who are working with their Western medical provider to decrease their active medications.

Please, always remember that doctors are generally doing the best they can given the challenges of the system they are working in.  But if you need a partner in healthcare who can provide you with authentic, connective, quality healthcare, come visit us at Light & Dark Acu!

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