Light & Dark Acupuncture was founded by Molly Dyer, L.Ac. to serve the purpose of providing the kind of attentive, connective, individualized healthcare experience that people deserve.

Light & Dark Acupuncture provides a space where patients feel safe enough to share their fears, frustrations and vulnerabilities surrounding their health condition(s), and where they feel inspired to celebrate their successes.

Light & Dark Acupuncture is committed to providing quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, religion, immigration status, and ability. We provide a safe environment for all walks of life.

Core Values:

  1. We value the courage and resilience with which our patients face adversity, even when they cannot see it with their own eyes.
  2. We value natural, holistic, non-pharmaceutical health options.
    • We also value medications. We believe that they are lifesaving technology, but that they are not the only answer to health concerns.
    • We value pharmaceutical medications. We believe that they are lifesaving technology. We also believe that they are not the only answer to health concerns.
  3. We value feeling inspired to take action.
    • We believe that this is what motivates us to create long-term changes in our health condition(s).
  4. We value laughter because it truly is the best medicine.
  5. We value each individual’s experience.
    • We believe that in order for individuals to heal, they must feel heard, understood, accepted, loved and validated.
    • We believe that people deserve attentive, connective, individualized healthcare.
  6. We value community.
    • We believe that people are healthier when they feel connected to others and accepted by their communities.
  7. We value education.
    • We believe that educating our patients on health and wellness can inspire positive change and, at times, it can save their lives.
  8. We value and celebrate diversity.

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