Do you feel unseen and unheard in the fast pace of modern healthcare?

Have you ever wondered if your healthcare team truly listened as you listed your health concerns and symptoms?

Have you ever been told that your symptoms are purely psychological?

I totally hear you.

Quality healthcare feels like human connection.

It feels like a dialogue between patient and practitioner that leads to well-informed decisions.

It even leaves you feeling relaxed and cared for.

At Light & Dark Acupuncture, we believe that stories, fears, challenges and life are meant to be shared.

Share your story with a professional that you can trust.  Contact us for a free phone consultation!

Regular acupuncture treatments and custom herbal formulas directly reduce your stress and they can assist you in achieving your goals for physical and mental well-being.

Take one small action for your health today.  Improve your energy, decrease your stress and physical pain.  Inspire your sense of vitality! Schedule an appointment today!